Chiropractor in Littleton Discusses Stretching

Chiropractor in Littleton Discusses Stretching

Chiropractor Discusses Stretching

A commonly ignored piece of advice people are given to improve their bodily health is to stretch. Stretching keeps the muscles, ligaments, and tendons more flexible. This flexibility prevents injury because it increases the range of motion the body has. Stretching is usually seen as boring and time consuming. However, the result is the potential prevention of dozens of injuries as well as anti-aging effects. It has been noticed by Live Well Health Center that a simple stretching routine could have prevented the back, neck, or shoulder pain of many of our patients.

Important Reasons for Stretching in Littleton

For the most part, the most important reason to begin a stretching routine is to increase or maintain the flexibility of your muscles and tendons. Muscles can tear and become strained if they are too tight and not used to regular stretching. Furthermore, stretching once a day while focusing on the larger muscles of the legs can increase the length of the lower back muscles.

When Should I Stretch?

Stretching should always be done before and after exercising. A type of stretching you can do is static stretching; this is stretching without any bouncing or movements to accomplish the stretch. Doing light calisthenics (gymnastic movements) is helpful before you begin stretching cold muscles because it further decreases the risk of injury.

Stretching Tips and Tricks from Live Well Health Center

By scheduling a consultation with Live Well Health Center, you are able to receive expert stretching information and resources. Stretching is all about taking it slow and warming up, so remember to not rush through the exercises. Even a mild muscle injury is able to cause pain and prevent you from exercising for an extended period of time. Slow down and take your time, stretching is supposed to feel relieving.

A tip not many people know is to stretch gently and visualize the movements you are doing and to focus on how the muscle is being stretched. Staying focused and concentrated on the muscle you are trying to stretch will ensure that you are properly lengthening the muscle. Many people try to push their body\'s limits, you should not do this. It is an easy way to cause an injury. Breathing is a well known tip and rightfully so. Deep, slow, and controlled breathing is essential for stretching.

There is one general rule to follow, that is to not do what hurts. If you get into a stretch that causes pain you should probably stop that stretch and rethink your technique. With chiropractic treatment and proper stretching before and after exercise, your risk of injury will greatly diminish.

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